Urban Agroecology: For the city, in the city and from the city!

Daniela Adil Oliveira de Almeida and André Ruoppolo Biazoti

In: Urban Agriculture Magazine no 33 - Urban Agroecology, p.13-14 (2017)

Over the last 20 years, several organisations and individuals researching and working with urban agriculture and agroecology in Brazil have accumulated experiences in different local territories. Several national networks and forums, such as the Brazilian Association of Agroecology - ABA (aba-agroecologia.org.br/wordpress), the National Articulation of Agroecology - ANA (www.agroecologia.org.br), and the National Urban Agriculture Collective (www.facebook.com/cnagricurbana), have supported and articulated experiences of agroecology and urban agriculture. Agroecology is conceptualised simultaneously as a science, a political movement and a social practice. The central concept is the reproduction of life and common interest, distancing these networks from the logic of commodification and industrialisation imposed by the agribusiness sector and the contemporary food system.

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