UA Magazine no. 4 - Integration of UPA in urban planning

Urban Agriculture Magazine
July 2001, no. 4

Dear Readers

In regions of the world characterised by economic collapse, such as those in East and Southern Africa, the last decade has witnessed a tremendous increase in total city area under informal urban food production. Associated with this has been an unprecedented increase in worldwide attention to urban agriculture. Yet, the overall picture shows that formal recognition and integration of urban agriculture into urban planning and city development has hardly changed, save for a reduction in prohibitive or anti-urban agriculture interventions.
This issue deals with the integration of urban agriculture into city planning.
Again, the amount of articles submitted to the magazine was very high, for which we thank you. It was decided to accept quite a lot of these articles, since the wealth of experiences is illustrated and the broad topic could only be covered sufficiently this way. The guest editor for this issue was Beacon Mbiba from Zimbabwe, Co-ordinator of PeriNET (Peri-Urban Transformations Research Network), South Bank University, London, UK. Further input was received from Axel Drescher, from the University of Freiburg, Germany. The latter reports on the FAO-ETC E-Conference session on Planning (held in September 2000) in this issue. We offer you sixteen articles on a diversity of topics surrounding the theme; Integration of Urban Agriculture into Urban Planning. Articles cover all regions again, although West-Africa is not represented sufficiently this time.
Great news from Latin America:
The first edition of the UA-Magazine in Spanish has been released by our colleagues in Quito, Ecuador!
Looking forward to hearing from you.
The Editor.