UA Magazine no. 35 - Youth in Food: Opportunities for education and employment

This issue of UA Magazine explores challenges and solutions raised by migration pressures with a focus on youth employment in city region food systems. We have articles from Brazil, Canada, China, Indonesia, Liberia, Mali, Nepal, Peru, Philippines, Rwanda, Sierra Leone, Tanzania, Uganda and the United States, and from small to mega-cities, urban, periurban and rural spaces. This collection explores opportunities for and barriers to youth employment along the entire food system.

  1. Opinion - Youth, Employment and Migration: Urban opportunities, with a focus on Africa – By Ton Dietz
  2. Editorial – By Alison Blay-Palmer, René van Veenhuizen and Femke Hoekstra
  3. The Eclectic Relation Between Jobs, Skills and Youth Migration – By Babs Ates
  4. Youth Employment in Agriculture through Business Development and Education in Liberia and Mali – By Rudolf Willem van Soelen and Richard van Hoolwerff
  5. Community Food Works for Newcomer Settlement: Using food as a tool for settlement, integration and employment in Toronto – By Marian Yusuf and Rosie Mensah
  6. Utilising Rooftop Farming to Teach Job Skills in Oslo – By Adam Curtis and Helene Gallis
  7. One Woman’s Quest to Train Urban Farmers in Uganda – By Jess Halliday
  8. The Garden that Turned a ‘Red’ Zone Green in Haiti – By Jess Halliday
  9. Catbalogan City: The Samar Centre of Agripreneurs in the Philippines – By Cecilia A. Arga
  10. Youth Corp: Growing food and farming literacy in Chicago – By Erika Allen and Lauralyn Clawson
  11. Fostering Community and Supporting Employment through Urban Agriculture in Ontario, Canada – By Airin Stephens
  12. Empowering Young Potential Change-Makers in Tanzania, Peru and Indonesia – By Thibault Geerardyn
  13. Urban Agriculture and Youth Employment in Quito – By Laine Young and Alexandra Rodriguez
  14. Preparing Youth for a Challenging Future in Brazil – By Joaquim Moura
  15. Youth Out-migration and Opportunities for Periurban Agriculture: Lessons from China and Nepal – By Fraser Sugden and Chen Fengbo
  16. Cultivating Young Agriculturalists in Kenema, Sierra Leone – By Kabba Santigie Bangura, Solomon Gbanie and Kenneth D. Lynch
  17. “In order to be someone, I have to leave the farm”: Valuing rural youth decisions to continue traditional production in Brazil – By Evelyn R. Nimmo, Alessandra Izabel de Carvalho, Robson Laverdi and André E. B. Lacerda
  18. Agricultural Cooperatives in Rwanda, Tanzania and Uganda: A means for youth to a future in agriculture? – By Ingrid Flink, Chloe Vaast, Judith Jacobs and Maya Turolla
  19. Resources
  20. Growing Food in the Cities: Successes and new opportunities – By Isolina Boto


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