UA Magazine no. 33 - Urban Agroecology

This issue of the UA Magazine is a joint effort of the RUAF Foundation and the Centre for Agroecology
Water and Resilience (CAWR). It aims to articulate and document the emerging field of urban agroecology.
The Magazine will be launched at the occasion of the 8th AESOP conference on Sustainable Food Planning,
titled “Re-imagining sustainable food planning, building resourcefulness: food movements, insurgent
planning and heterodox economics” (14-15 November 2017), hosted at CAWR in Coventry, UK.

  1. Editorial

Conceptualising Urban Agroecology

  1. Why We Need Urban Agroecology
  2. Urban Agriculture or Urban Agroecology?
  3. From Agriculture in the City to an Agroecological Urbanism: The transformative pathway of urban (political) agroecology
  4. Exploring Urban Agroecology as a Framework for Transitions to Sustainable and Equitable Regional Food Systems
  5. Urban Agroecology: For the city, in the city and from the city!
  6. Towards a Transformative Urban Agroecology

Practices and City Initiatives

  1. Urban Agroecology: Principles and potential
  2. Just Food Farm: Redefining value using urban agroecology on public land
  3. Promoting Agroecology in Gorakhpur: Reduction in sale of agricultural land
  4. Agroecology as a Driver for the Development of a New Sustainable Urban Settlement in Taiwan
  5. Learning from Nature: New forms of urban permaculture in Seville
  6. Urban Agroecology in Rome
  7. Food Forests: An upcoming phenomenon in the Netherlands
  8. Romanticising the Past: A case study of a tide mill
  9. Pioneering Urban Agroecological Research with Citizen Science

Urban Policies Supporting Agroecology

  1. Urban Agriculture in Cuba: 30 Years of policy and practice
  2. Systems of Control for Agroecological Food Production and Commercialisation in Quito, Ecuador
  3. Nairobi’s 21st Century Food Policy
  4. Using Agroecological and Social Inclusion Principles in the Urban Agriculture Programme in Rosario, Argentina
  5. Green Belt Project: Promoting agroecological food production in peri-urban Rosario
  6. ‘Cities for Agroecology’ Networks in Europe and Spain
  7. Institutionalising Agroecology? Reflections on municipal pastoralism in Spain
  8. Monitoring Agroecology Values in Peri-urban Landscapes in Beijing

Citizen Activism and Social Movements

  1. Practices of Urban Agroecology in the Municipality of São Paulo: Income generation and community activism
  2. Urban Agroecology Movement (MUDA) Changes the Brazilian Metropolis
  3. Revaluing the Marginal: An agroecological approach to waste in food production and consumption in Spain
  4. Policy from Below: Politicising urban agriculture for food sovereignty
  5. Struggles of Rooftop Farming in Porto Alegre, Brazil
  6. The Centre for Agroecology, Water and Resilience (CAWR)
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