UA Magazine no. 30 - Rural urban linkages


This issue of Farming Matters and Urban Agriculture Magazine is a co-production between ILEIA and RUAF Foundation. Farming Matters 31.1 meets Urban Agriculture Magazine 30! This joint initiative enabled us to share unique expertise and perspectives. RUAF draws from grounded experiences in urban agriculture and food systems and ILEIA from family farming and agroecology. We see this as an opportunity to explore and affirm the links between rural and urban in renewing our food systems, and in the process to create a thorough and in-depth ‘twin’ issue of our magazines on rural–urban linkages. We wish you good reading, outside the rural and urban boxes. Edith van Walsum, director ILEIA and Marielle Dubbeling, director RUAF

  1. Changing face of urban agriculture
  2. Building sustainable food systems beyond the rural-urban divide
  3. Opinion: The WTO must allow support to national food systems
  4. Community supported agriculture thriving in China
  5. Growing a sense of place and community in Cape Town
  6. Between city and country: domestic workers building food sovereignty
  7. New peasants moving back to rural areas
  8. Egyptian youth challenge the city-country divide
  9. Opinion: Finding food security in the rural-urban continuum
  10. Locally rooted: Ideas and initiatives from the field
  11. Threatened landscapes unite rural and urban communities
  12. New in print
  13. Participatory certification supports local food systems
  14. Urban agro-ecology  - a tool for social transformation
  15. Producers and consumers build new food practices
  16. Creating city region food systems
  17. Globally connected: News from the Agricultures network and RUAF Foundation

Complete issue

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