UA Magazine no. 3 - Health aspects of urban agriculture

Urban Agriculture Magazine
March 2001, Volume 1, no. 3

Dear Readers

Urban agriculture is practised to a substantial degree in many cities in the world. In discussions on a sustainable development of urban agriculture the positive and negative relationships play an important role, whether based on facts or on prejudice. Health is a major issue in this. There is indeed an obvious relationship between urban agriculture on the one hand, and the health and environmental conditions of the urban population on the other. This third issue of the UA-Magazine focuses on the relationship between urban agriculture and health.
Once again, the number of articles submitted to the magazine was high. We offer you ten articles on a diversity of topics surrounding the theme; food security, food policies, use of waste and wastewater and zoonoses. Unfortunately, a contribution on food security and nutrition was withdrawn at the latest moment. In order to fit into the magazine, some articles had to be cut down from the original. Only two- or three-page articles (1,700-2,500 words) are placed in the hard copy of the UA-Magazine. The RUAF website provides more room for longer articles, while also contributions that could not be included in this hard copy issue are shown on
The guest editor for this issue was Karen Lock, from the European Centre on the Health of Societies in Transition, at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine. Karen was also involved in the Electronic Conference, on which she reports together with Henk de Zeeuw. Further support was received from Marianne Lindner, from the ETC Health Group, who recently finished an analysis of key issues in urban health and health-care in developing countries.
Starting in 2001, the UA-Magazine is translated into French and Spanish, and is distributed through the RUAF Regional Focal Points in Asia, Africa and Latin America. This makes the readership substantially higher than the originally registered readers at RUAF in Leusden. At the moment we send the UA-Magazine to about 4,000 addresses.
You are invited to contribute to future issues of the UA-Magazine. Firstly, please note the call for contributions to the next two issues, at the end of this magazine. Secondly, any suggestions you might have for topics for 2002 are welcome. Issues that are thus far being considered for 2002 are:

  • Economic and marketing aspects of urban agriculture
  • Transition to ecological urban farming
  • Rural-urban linkages (nutrient cycles, transportation, etc.)
  • Training in urban agriculture

Submitted articles should be written in such a way that those working with farmers would readily be able to understand them. Articles would ideally be up to 2,500 words in length, and preferably accompanied by illustrations (digital if possible), references and a good abstract. Articles will be examined for selection by the editorial team consisting of the responsible editor and the external scientific advisor/co-editor.
Looking forward to hearing from you.
The Editor.