UA Magazine no. 2 - Livestock in and around cities

Urban Agriculture Magazine
October 2000, Volume 1, no. 2

Dear Readers

The first issue of the Urban Agriculture Magazine presented articles covering the broad spectrum of urban agriculture. This second issue focuses on a specific topic: Urban Livestock, and this is how the Urban Agriculture Magazine will appear from now on. It will be published three times a year, each time covering a specific topic.
This issue came out a bit later than planned. The number of articles submitted was high, and we certainly hope we will receive the same kind of enthusiasm for the next issues. We offer you 16 articles in this issue. It was decided to publish almost all of the submitted articles, because the issue of urban livestock appeared to cover many different aspects, and only by taking all these contributions together we felt the issue was adequately dealt with. In forthcoming issues we will continue to try to keep the amount of articles to about 10, not going over the 40 pages in the paper version of the Urban Agriculture Magazine.
The appearance of the Urban Agriculture Magazine has been received very positively, and various encouraging reactions on the first issue have been sent to us. We have put the Editorial Board in place, in which persons of different organisations take a seat, including the Regional Focal Points on Urban Agriculture. These organisations will play a major role in the further development and regionalisation of the UA Magazine in the near future. In the next issue you will receive more information on this.
The subscription policy of the UA Magazine is under discussion with the RUAF Focal Points and the Editorial Board, but it is certain that the hardcopy edition will cost you about 15 US$ per year. Of course, the UA Magazine will remain available for free on RUAF's web site.
Guest editors for this issue were Azage Tegegne from ILRI in Addis Adeba, Ethiopia and Hans Schiere, from IAC and Wageningen University, The Netherlands. A considerable input was also received from the Urban Livestock group of ETC: Ann Waters Bayer, Katrien van 't Hooft, Sheila Oparachoa and Willem van Weperen. A great thanks to them all.
The Editor.