UA Magazine no. 13 - Trees and Cities - Growing Together

This issue of the UA Magazine has been supported by FAO Forest Department and the European Urban Forestry Research and Information Centre (EUFORIC).

Dear readers,

While human societies have largely been rural over the years, currently the majority of the world’s population lives in cities and towns. Increasingly land is needed for urban areas to cater for the inputs and outputs (the urban footprint), with often a detrimental effect on forests and other green areas. Especially in the developing world, where most (emerging) megacities are located, managing urban populations will be one of the main challenges of our time.
The Second World Urban Forum (Barcelona, September 2004) looked at a range of issues faced by cities, crossroads of cultures. What was once called a global village is turning into an urban globe. Urban migration was often the only chance of a better life, causing poverty to become an urban problem. Challenges related to urbanisation are very significant, especially in the developing world. Basic concerns such as the provision of food and housing, sanitation, employment and such are mostly still to be addressed. How can trees and forests in and around urban areas help? Past experience has shown that these and other green spaces form more than just a "supplementary" urban infrastructure.
The experiences described in this UA Magazine show the importance of urban and periurban forestry (UPF). This concept offers important lessons and emphasizes the need to join forces with urban agriculture and other initiatives aimed at sustainable urban development. This requires a strategic approach and linkages need to be made to a broad range of issues and agendas. The problems faced by cities in the 21st century cannot be effectively resolved without a coherent alliance of all forces at local and international levels. Initiatives for cooperation and city-twinning open the door to various kinds of partnerships.
You are invited to contribute to future issues of the Urban Agriculture Magazine. Articles are welcome of up to 2,500 words in length, and preferably accompanied by illustrations (digital and of good quality), references and an abstract. Despite that each issue has a focus on a selected theme, we welcome contributions on any subject. Articles will be examined for selection by the editorial team consisting of the RUAF-based responsible editor and the external scientific advisor/co-editor.
The Spanish edition no. 12 of the UA-Magazine is published, while the French edition of the UA-Magazine no. 9 and 11 are distributed, with no. 10 under production. The UA-Magazine in Chinese no. 5 is distributed and no. 1 – 7 have been translated in Portuguese. Readers in those languages are suggested to contact the respective RUAF institutes in these regions.
Looking forward to receive your continued contribution or comments.
The Editor

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