UA Magazine no. 12 - Gender and Urban Agriculture

Dear Readers

Urban agriculture can have positive and/or negative consequences for men and women. This will depend on the situation and conditions. Information on urban agriculture demonstrates that it generally has a positive impact on household food security, and thus will be beneficial to women as they most often are responsible. This issue of UA Magazine takes a closer look, by exploring how urban agriculture relates to existing gender dynamics.
Regardless of whether men or women predominate in urban agriculture, in this issue it is shown that this differs per country, it is important to focus research, policies and action planning on both men and women, and to emphasise differences between them, acknowledging the inherent diversity. These gendered insights will help shape appropriate and relevant interventions.
The advocacy of urban agriculture as a development strategy targets women in many contexts as the agents of intervention but care should be taken to adequately consider how potentially successful endeavours may alter their existing circumstances. It is important to analyse the benefits of urban agriculture to households, especially to women, compared to alternative economic and social opportunities that might be made available through other initiatives.
In order to provide the partners in the RUAF network with advise and guidance in identifying strategies to better integrate gender issues in their activities and to "gender mainstream" urban agriculture, RUAF has initiated a Gender Advisory Group. This group consists of people that have expertise and hands-on experience in gender issues and agriculture in an urban setting. Additionally, three working papers have been prepared. Furthermore, the RUAF partners are currently writing gender case studies, which will a/o serve as an input to the RUAF expert consultation on gender urban agriculture, which will be held in September 2004.
You are invited to contribute to future issues of the Urban Agriculture Magazine. Articles are welcome of up to 2,500 words in length, and preferably accompanied by illustrations (digital and of good quality), references and an abstract. Despite that each issue has a focus on a selected theme, we welcome contributions on any subject. Articles will be examined for selection by the editorial team consisting of the RUAF-based responsible editor and the external scientific advisor/co-editor.
The Spanish edition no. 10 and 11 of the UA-Magazine are published, while the French edition of the UA-Magazine no. 9 is distributed. The UA-Magazine in Chinese no. 4 is under production. Unfortunately, the production of the Arabic version has come to an end, but no. 1 to no. 7 have now been translated in Portuguese. Readers in those languages are suggested to contact the respective RUAF institutes in these regions.
Looking forward to receive your continued contribution or comments.
The Editor

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