UA Magazine no. 10 - Appropriate (Micro) Technologies for Urban Agriculture

Dear Readers

The articles in this issue show how technologies have been adapted to urban-specific situations and how continuous research and training are contributing to their widespread use. Some of the technologies presented have been developed specifically for the urban setting. Hydroponics or the Cuban 'organoponics' for example, will be familiar to many readers. Other practices such as those that make use of waste and wastewater treatment may not be so well known. The small-scale irrigation and composting practices discussed are quite similar to those used in rural settings.
Urban agriculture is increasingly recognised as a vehicle for the development of productive and sustainable cities. It is heartening to note that several cities have created specific agencies for urban agriculture or are implementing related policies and programmes. It is hoped that this issue of the UA-Magazine will encourage stakeholders, including governments, research institutes, NGOs, and farmers, to work together in developing and implementing similar urban agricultural initiatives which will make cities cleaner, safer and more healthier places to live in.
You are invited to contribute to future issues of the Urban Agriculture Magazine. For the next two issues on Access tot Land (no.11) and Gender (no.12) your contributions is invited, while we are discussing a special issue on Urban Forestry. Articles would ideally be up to 2,500 words in length, and preferably accompanied by illustrations (digital and of good quality), references and an abstract. As suggested by the Editorial Board, we welcome your contributions on any subject. Articles will be examined for selection by the editorial team consisting of the RUAF-based responsible editor and the external scientific advisor/co-editor.