Planning Process and Tools

Urban agriculture is a multi sectoral and multi disciplinary phenomenon and relates to various policy domains like poverty alleviation, environmental and waste management, local economic development, and social development and inclusion. This implies that when designing policies and programmes on urban agriculture a wide range of often disconnected actors such as urban producers and their organisations, NGOs, researchers, private organisations and different departments of local and national government should be involved in a participatory planning process. Review and adaptation of existing municipal bylaws, norms and regulations is a necessary element of that process in order to remove unnecessary restrictions on urban agriculture and to develop specific incentives, regulations and norms facilitating access to land, water, training and services for urban agriculture, while managing and regulating associated potential health risks. Urban agriculture programmes need to be embedded the city development plan and sector agendas (for example related to local economic development, food security, youth, urban environment, social inclusion and housing programmes) and incorporated into institutional and municipal budgets.

Women play important roles in feeding the cities by growing, processing and marketing food. The exact nature of these roles and the differences with the roles played by men in urban agriculture differ from country to country and from city to city depending the local social-cultural, economic, religious and political conditions. Those involved in policymaking and action planning on urban agriculture should have a thorough understanding of the gender division of labour and special constraints encountered by women in urban agriculture and take these into account when planning of urban agriculture policies and programmes. 

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