"The city of Ghent is proud to be a partner of RUAF since 2015. It allows us to be involved in the international work going on around sustainable urban food systems. Moreover RUAF helps us to build bridges to other front runners such as Toronto and Quito. Also, the expertise of RUAF in the area of urban food policies and research is very valuable in strengthening the work on Ghent en Garde our local food policy". Tine Heyse, Deputy Mayor for the Environment, Climate, Energy and North-South for the city of Ghent.

“The Quito-RUAF Foundation alliance has inspired our city to advance in issues related to urban food. Supported by the RUAF Foundation, the Municipality of the Metropolitan District of Quito joined the Milan Urban Food Policy Pact in 2015, and became one of the 8 cities throughout the world that tested and implemented a methodology for city region food system assessment. Currently, Quito is working on an urban food policy with the technical assistance of RUAF, who constitutes a key ally for the strengthening of our initiative given its vast experience and record on the matter. RUAF has contributed to sharing Quito´s 15 year old urban agriculture experience and making it visible on an international platform, while simultaneously allowing the city to join important global alliances regarding sustainable food systems. We believe that the Quito-RUAF alliance has shown and made evident our serious commitment to build an urban food policy that contributes towards making Quito a sustainable and healthy city”. Mauricio Rodas, Mayor, Municipality of the Metropolitan District of Quito.

"Since more than ten years, we support the RUAF network with research based solutions, to spearhead stakeholder dialogues and policy development in our urbanizing world. We strongly belief that RUAF has a very unique niche on the trajectory from research to impact". Pay Drechsel, IWMI


"We considered the evaluation of our food policy that was implemented by RUAF as very positive. It has yielded new insights and more importantly, the research has had real impact on our organisation. For example, our council of the Mayor and aldermen decided to set up a food council in Ede, one of the recommendations literally taken from the evaluation report. The RUAF report also included a "barometer", which clearly visualised which implementation aspects of our food policy were considered good and where there were still issues for improvement. This was a very useful tool for us as a municipality. The combination of a substantive report and the practical translation into practice, is one of RUAF's strengths. Cooperation with RUAF was enjoyable and positive and we observed that RUAF's staff has a lot of experience and expertise in the area of ​​local food policy." Froukje Idema, Programme Manager Food, City of Ede, The Netherlands

“With RUAF’s expertise and technical assistance, the City Deal helps to operationalise the MUFPP framework. I am impressed with RUAF in the development of the City Deal because an equitable local food system extends beyond city jurisdictions and the City Deal provides the unifying policy framework that is creating a strong national network of cities within the Netherlands. I look forward to applying the lessons I learned from my time spent in the Netherlands to Baltimore City and to the United States Conference of the Mayors Food Policy Advisor Network.” Holly Freishtat, Food Policy Director for Baltimore City.