Land Use Planning

Sustainable Urban Food Provisioning (2015)

This brief features recommendations and practices on urban food policy and interventions resulting from the SUPURBFOOD - Sustainable Urban and Peri Urban Food provisioning programme. The brief is elaborated by RUAF, partner in the SUPURBFOOD programme (read more on RUAF's research page). It also constitutes a call for municipal authorities to work together to strengthen capacities and influence relevant regulations (land use policies, food waste, waste recycling and short food chains) at national, European and international levels.

Urban Aquaculture Policy briefs S-E-Asia (PAPUSSA) (2006)

This is a series of 5 Policy Briefs prepared by RUAF member organisation ETC on the basis of the results of the studies implemented by the EU funded PAPUSSA (Production in Aquatic Peri-urban Systems in Southeast Asia) project, a collaborative research project of European organisations and Asian partners in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam, Phnom Penh in Cambodia, and Bangkok in Thailand coordinated by the Aquaculture Institute of Stirling University.

E-conference: Optimising Agricultural Land Use in the City Area (2003)

The Electronic Conference on "Optimising Agricultural Land use in the City Area" (3 - 22 November 2003) was organized jointly by RUAF Foundation and the Urban Management Programme of UNDP-UN Habitat. Over 500 participants from 84 countries participated in the E-conference.

The conference discussed how to improve access to land and land use security for urban producers, the integration of urban agriculture in urban land use planning, the development of adequate land use norms and regulations, multiple land use, etcetera.

In preparation to the conference a number of case studies were developed.

The proceedings of the conference, include summaries of the city cases discussed in the E-conference and the final conclusions and recommendations.

Cities Farming for the Future - Urban Agriculture for Green and Productive Cities

This book (2006) presents the progress made in the field of (intra- and peri-) urban agriculture research, policy and development since the ground breaking report UNDP publication "Urban Agriculture". In 14 chapters, experts provide a "state of the art" of the knowledge and experience gained since the mid nineties of the past century in different types of urban agriculture (horticulture, forestry, livestock,aquaculture) and various key issues for policymaking and planning on urban agriculture (multi-stakeholder involvement and gender issues, integration in urban land use planning, economic aspects and marketing, productive reuse of urban wastes, technology development for urban agriculture and financing urban agriculture.    

Annotated Bibliography on Urban Agriculture

The annotated bibliography (2002) contains a comprehensive literature overview under 16 subject headings. Each chapter contains a "state of the art" paper on the subject followed by selected literature references with abstracts. The bibliography and the state of the thematic papers were prepared by RUAF Foundation member organization ETC, the Netherlands, in cooperation with TUAN, New York and a large number of experts in other organisations, with financial support of Sida, Sweden and published by RUAF and Sida in 2002. 

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