Dare-to-Share fair

The RUAF Foundation has been invited to undertake an inventory and analysis of experiences in city regions of developing countries dealing with:

a) Recycling of nutrients, waste and water in urban and peri-urban agriculture

b) Short chain delivery of food initiatives in urban and peri-urban areas

c) Multifunctional land use in urban and peri-urban areas.

Many examples of initiatives in these three areas are known from developed countries. RUAF is now asked to collect and analyse innovative initiatives in developing countries. The study will focus on describing the characteristics and social, economic and ecological performance of innovative experiences; on analysing the conditions that facilitate or hamper the development of such initiatives and on drawing lessons learned- with a special focus business models applied, the role of SMES and their sustainability.

This study will be done as part of a research project named SUPURBFOOD which is undertaken by a consortium of European universities led by Wageningen University and funded by EU- FP7. The project is focusing on European city regions, but the partners also wanted some inputs on experiences in the South.

In order to identify relevant cases, interesting best practices (and failures) and new insights, RUAF is now organising an electronic “Dare to Share Fair”. We are inviting researchers, local authorities, urban planners, SMES, producers, NGOs, staff from international organisations and others to share their own experiences regarding one of the themes mentioned above. Which innovative strategies and approaches to one of these themes do you know of? What interesting and relevant results have been obtained? What factors facilitate or hamper their development? How can specific initiatives/ approaches be improved and made more sustainable?

You can either share information on your own experience, share articles or reports on such initiatives or literature references, share the names and email addresses of persons or organisations involved in such initiatives, point out websites that contain good examples, etcetera.

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