RUAF staff

RUAF international secretariat

Marielle Dubbeling
Director of the RUAF Foundation.
Expertise: multi-stakeholder strategic planning and policy formulation and training on urban and peri-urban agriculture and urban food systems, role of urban and peri-urban agriculture as a strategy for resilient cities, climate change management and sustainable city region food systems.
René van Veenhuizen
Senior Programme Officer and one of the editors of the Urban Agriculture Magazine.
Expertise: the role of urban agriculture in optimising synergies with environmental management, WASH, and using its multi functionality in emergency situations.
Femke Hoekstra
RUAF knowledge and information officer and editor of the Urban Agriculture Magazine.
Expertise: geography and planning of urban food systems.
Jess Halliday
Senior Programme Officer
Expertise: food strategies and food policy.
Henk de Zeeuw
Senior advisor to the international secretariat of the RUAF Foundation. He was the initiator of the RUAF network and former director of the RUAF Foundation.
Expertise: participatory research and extension, multi-stakeholder policy development and planning, institutional development.
Desiree Dirkzwager
Supports the RUAF Secretariat in secretarial and financial matters.
Joy Carey
Senior Programme Officer
Expertise: municipal food policy, city region food system indicators.



RUAF associates

Alain Santandreu
Expertise: Knowledge management and systematisation for learning and change, participatory action-research.

RUAF partners

Pay Drechsel
Pay Drechsel is Strategic Program Leader of the International Water Management Institute for Rural-Urban Linkages.
Expertise: Natural resources management, resource recovery & reuse, urban agriculture, safe wastewater use, soil fertility & plant nutrition.
Jianming Cai
Institute of Geographical Sciences and Natural Resources Research of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS/IGSNRR) (Beijing, China)
Expertise: Urban planning
Alison Blay-Palmer
The Centre for Sustainable Food Systems, Wilfrid Laurier University (Canada).
Expertise: Fostering food systems that are socially just, ecologically regenerative, economically localised and that engage citizens.
Katrien Verbeke
City of Ghent (Belgium)
Expertise: Municipal Food Policy
Barbara Emanuel
Toronto Food Policy Council (Canada)
Expertise: Municipal Food Policy
Alexandra Rodriguez
CONQUITO Economic Promotion Agency of the Municipality of Quito (Ecuador)
Expertise: Promote and develop strategic projects (including urban agriculture) focused on increasing productivity and job opportunities.
Andrea Calori
Economia e Sostenibilita (ESTA) (Milan, Italy)
Expertise: Sustainability, resilience, and circular economy
Diana Lee-Smith
Mazingira Institute (Nairobi, Kenya)
Expertise: Food security and multistakeholder processes





















RUAF board

Luc Mougeot
Senior Program Specialist at Canada`s International Development Research Centre (IDRC).
Diana Lee-Smith
Mazingira Institute (Nairobi, Kenya)
Frans Verberne
Leads the Office which facilitates the Food & Business Knowledge Platform.