Research Priorities for Future Food Systems: A sustainable food systems perspective from Ontario, Canada

Alison Blay-Palmer and Irena Knezevic

In: Urban Agriculture Magazine no 29 - City Region Food Systems, p.35-37 (2015)

Through direct, on-going engagement with their food communities, researchers have the potential to be grounded in the realities of their food systems. This more holistic understanding challenges researchers to find paths for food system transformation – so that their work is not only grounded in practice, but is also mindful of the institutions and structures that frame, and often confine, food systems. We suggest that research on sustainable food systems can be clustered under three broad key themes including the need for: 1) integration across multiple sectors, disciplines and jurisdictions; 2) tensions and compromises related to the scaling up and scaling out of sustainable food systems; and 3) appropriate governance structures and institutions. These key themes are the focus of regional research agendas developed in dialogue with food communities in Ontario.

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