Urban Agriculture Magazine - English

Special issue Urban Agriculture Magazine: A City Compilation (also available in Portuguese translated by Joaquim Moura)

number 35. Youth in Food: Opportunities for education and employment
number 34. Measuring Impact
number 33. Urban Agroecology
number 32. Urban Food-Waste-Energy Nexus and the Private Sector
number 31. Inclusive Use of Urban Space
number 30. Rural-urban linkages
number 29. City Region Food Systems
number 28. Grow the City. Innovations in Urban Agriculture
number 27
Urban agriculture as a climate change and disaster risk reduction strategy
number 26. Sustainable financing for WASH and Urban Agriculture 
number 25. RUAF 10 years
number 24. From Seed to Table: Developing urban agriculture value chains
number 23. The Role of Urban Agriculture in Sustainable Urban Nutrient Management
number 22. Building Resilient Cities
number 21. Linking Relief, Rehabilitation and Development - A role for urban agriculture?
number 20. Water for Urban Agriculture
number 19. Stimulating Innovation in Urban Agriculture
​number 18. Building Communities through Urban Agriculture
number 17. Strengthening Urban Producers' Organisations
number 16. Formulating Effective Policies on Urban Agriculture  
number 15. Multiple Functions of Urban Agriculture  
number 14. Urban Aquatic Production  
number 13. Trees and Cities - Growing Together  
​number 12. Gender and Urban Agriculture  
number 11. Availability, Access and Usability of Land for Urban Agriculture  
number 10. Appropriate (Micro) Technologies for Urban Agriculture
number 9. Financing Urban Agriculture  
number 8. Wastewater Reuse in Urban Agriculture  
number 7. Economic Aspects of Urban Agriculture  
number 6. Transition to Ecological Urban Agriculture: A Challenge  
number 5. Methodologies for UA research, policy development, planning and implementation  
number 4. Integration of UPA in urban planning  
number 3. Health aspects of urban agriculture  
number 2. Livestock in and around cities
number 1. Maiden issue