Urban Agriculture: introduction and 2 city cases of participatory planning

This video has been produced by RUAF Foundation in 2001 with financial support from Sida, Sweden. The video has been produced to facilitate a greater understanding of urban agriculture among policy-makers, urban planners, NGOs, and other organisations and people who can make a contribution to the integration of urban agriculture into urban policies, plans and development programmes.

Part 1-6 of the video (approximately 23 minutes) are of special interest for an audience less familiar with urban agriculture. These parts of the video show the different forms of urban agriculture that can be encountered, the type of people involved in it and the potential contributions of urban agriculture to urban food security, local economic development and poverty alleviation and sustainable urban environmental management. But also some health and environmental risks associated with agriculture in the city are discussed.

Part 7-10 of the video (approximately 22 minutes) presents examples (Dar es Salaam, Tanzania and Cuenca, Ecuador) of what cities are already doing to facilitate urban agriculture. Local processes of situation analysis, policy development, planning and action regarding urban agriculture are shown.

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