The role of private sector in city region food systems (2017)

The aim of the study (2017) is to provide suggestions for private sector actors, policy support mechanisms, and to identify key lessons learned. The two overarching questions addressed in this study are:

  1. How can the private sector help shape more sustainable city region food systems?
  2. What business and policy environment is needed to better engage the private sector in building sustainable city region food systems?

Based on three city region case studies, 19 smaller case studies featuring private sector and government interventions, and a complementary literature and online review, this study gives an overview of:

  • The type of private sector that is currently engaged in building more sustainable and resilient CRFS
  • Current private sector roles and innovations
  • Drivers for increased engagement from private sector players
  • The support needs to increase existing or new private sector engagement
  • Recommendations for the private sector
  • Policy recommendations to support private sector participation and innovations.

You can download the full analysis report, the city region case studies (Quito, Bristol, Rotterdam) and the policy brief here.