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About Urban Agriculture Magazine

The Urban Agriculture Magazine is an initiative of the RUAF Foundation. It functions as a platform for exchange and discussion of grounded information on urban agriculture: research results, project experiences, and critical analyses of conventional and innovative policies on urban agriculture. The Urban Agriculture Magazine is published on line in English twice a year. The focus of the Urban Agriculture Magazine is on: "Research into Use" and "Policy to Practice". Subscribers to the Urban Agriculture Magazine receive an email when a new issue is published. Subscribe by sending an email to info [at] ruaf [dot] org (subject: UA%20Magazine%20subscription) . The thematic issues of the Magazine can be downloaded in pdf free of charge. Find out more on how to submit.

Urban Agriculture Magazine - English

Since more than a decade RUAF Foundation is publishing the Urban Agriculture Magazine in English to enable exchange of policy views, practical experiences, research results and other information in the field of urban agriculture and urban food systems.  

The latest issues available are the Urban Agriculture Magazine no. 36 Food Policy Councils, no. 35. Youth in Food: Opportunities for education and employment, no 34 Measuring Impact and no. 33 Urban Agroecology. Earlier issues of the Urban Agriculture in English available in electronic version are the following: 

Urban Agriculture Magazine - Chinese

IGSNRR, Beijing, member organization of the RUAF Foundation, has published most issues of the Urban Agriculture Magazine in Chinese which are available, together with lots of other valuable documents on urban agriculture in China, at the web site of RUAF-China at IGSNRR, Beijing