Innovative experiences in short chain development, productive reuse of wastes and multifunctional landuse

Marielle Dubbeling, Henk Renting, RUAF Foundation, 2013 , short chain initiatives,  waste reuse) , multifunctional land use). 

In the context of the SUPURBFOOD project the RUAF Foundation collected and analysed innovative experiences in cities of developing countries on:

  1. short food chain initiatives in cooperation with Nicole Oudewater and Mayte de Vries (ETC-RUAF) 
  2. productive reuse of reclaimed wastewater and organic wastes in agriculture in cooperation with Olofunke Cofie and Lisa Jackson (IMWI-RUAF)
  3. multifunctional land use, and related social and institutional innovation in cooperation with Chloe Naneix and Jianming Cai (IGSNRR-RUAF)

Also a synthesis report on the three studies is available