Guideline 3: Methodological guidelines for calculating climate change related indicators of urban/regional food production and consumption (2014)

Guideline 3 of the series Monitoring impacts of urban and peri-urban agriculture and forestry on climate change mitigation and adaptation.

The methodology provided in this manual for calculating these indicators is an adaptation of the well-known Life Cycle Analysis (LCA).

The manual will describe:

  • How to make a basic inventory for scenario development, including
    • Definition of the (peri)-urban area/region
    • Food consumption and distribution, current situation
    • Food production, current situation and potential
    • (Organic) waste management, current situation (optional)
  • How to compare (peri-) urban food demand with the (peri)-urban production capacity
  • How to design urban/regional food system scenarios
  • How to calculate chosen climate change indicators.