The growth of cities in East-Africa : consequences for urban food supply

by Marielle Dubbeling, RUAF Foundation, 2010 (in coordination with World Bank and Global Hort)

This report summarizes the results of an analysis of the trends in urban growth and food insecurity of/in cities in East Africa and how national and local policies in Ethiopia/Addis Abbeba, Tanzania/Dar es Salaam, Uganda/Kampala, Madagascar/Antananarivo and Kenya/Nairobi and Nakuru regarding (intra and peri-) urban horticulture influences urban food security. Based on this analysis, effective strategies to strengthen urban food supply and city regional food systems are identified.  The report was prepared on request of the World Bank in preparation of the Expert seminar on high value horticulture in/around fast growing cities in Eastern and Southern Africa, organized by the World Bank and GlobalHort in Nairobi, 2010