Growing Cities Growing Food: Urban Agriculture on the Policy Agenda

N. Bakker, M. Dubbeling, S. Guendel, U. Sabel Koschella, H. de Zeeuw (eds.) Growing Cities, Growing Food, Urban Agriculture on the Policy Agenda, DSE, 2000.
The first part of this book contains 7 thematic articles highlighting specific aspects of urban agriculture that were presented at the International Conference on "Growing Cities, Growing Food, Urban Agriculture on the Policy Agenda" realised in October, 1999 that was organised by DSE, Germany in cooperation with Sida, Sweden and CTA, the Netherlands and with technical support of GTZ and RUAF. ETC-RUAF also edited this publication.
The thematic articles are the following:
  1. Urban Agriculture (UA): definitions, presence, potentials, risks
  2. UA and sustainable cities
  3. UA, food security, nutrition and health
  4. UA, urban households and local economics
  5. Policy options for UA
  6. Institutional aspects of UA
  7. Integration of UA in urban policies

The second part of the book includes 16 case studies from cities in Africa, Latin America and Europe that were prepared by local RUAF partners under coordination of RUAF member organization ETC, the Netherlands with funding of GTZ, Germany. Also posters were prepared on these city cases.
The city case studies are the following:

  1. Accra
  2. Cagayan de Oro
  3. Cairo
  4. Dakar
  5. Dar es Salaam
  6. Harare
  7. Havana
  8. Hubli-Dharwad
  9. Jakarta
  10. La Paz
  11. Lima
  12. London
  13. Mexico City
  14. Nairobi
  15. Shanghai
  16. Sofia
Also the Preface and the list of Acronyms are attached 
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