RUAF Conferences

Special Urban Food Forum, ICLEI Resilient Cities (2016)

RUAF Foundation, ICLEI, GIZ and BMZ organised two dedicated food sessions during ICLEI’s resilient cities congress in July 2016. The first session highlighted good practices, strategies, and policies in achieving resilient and low-carbon urban food systems in cities and city regions across the globe. A second session dealt with assessment, monitoring and networking.

Webinar 2: Urban Intersections - Climate Change and Food Security (2015)

On 16 June 2015, CityLinks and RUAF Foundation organised the second webinar in the Urban Intersections series on Climate Change and Food Security. The team was joined by Rafael Tuts from UN-Habitat, Rubén Piacentini and Marcelo Tenaglia from the Municipality of Rosario, Argentina, Lauren Baker from the Toronto Food Policy Council, and Marielle Dubbeling from the RUAF foundation for a one hour panel discussion followed by an audience Q&A. Presentations examined the how urban food secuity is tied to climate change. Feel like you missed out? You can now watch the entire webinar here.

Webinar 1: Urban Intersections - Food Security, Water, and Climate Change (2015)

On 12 May 2015, CityLinks and RUAF Foundation organised a free interactive webinar on Urban Intersections - Food Security, Water, and Climate Change. The team was joined by Carmen Vogt of GIZ – Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit GmbH, Emani Kumar of ICLEI, Nevin Cohen of the School of Public Health at the City University of New York, and Marielle Dubbeling of RUAF for a one hour panel discussion followed by an audience Q&A. Presentations examined the how the issues of urban food security and water are tied to climate change. Feel like you missed out? We've got great news! You can now watch the entire webinar.

Food in an urbanized world. The role of city region food systems in resilience and sustainable development (2015)

On February 4th 2015, RUAF Foundation participated in the Food in an urbanized world conference organised by the International Sustainability Unit- Prince of Wales Charitable Foundation. Building on this conference, a report on this topic was produced, with RUAF as one of the key contributing experts.

WABEF European Biogas Tour Netherlands (2014)

RUAF, in partnership with CIRAD and UCAD, IAGU, AEDR, SONGHAI, is executing the project Western Africa Bio-wastes for Energy and Fertilizer (WABEF). The purpose is to develop and disseminate an innovative and participative approach to policy influencing bio-waste management through the implementation of viable anaerobic digestion (biogas; bio-fertilisers, other productive use of bio-slurry) technologies in the Sudano-Sahelian context.

World Urban Forum Medellin, Colombia (2014)

A group of organisations, including the UN FAO, the International Sustainability Unit-Prince of Wales Charity Foundation, the CFS-Civil Society Mechanism, Communitas Coalition, Global Food Security Cluster-Urban working group, ICLEI–Local Governments for Sustainability, RUAF Foundation, IUFN, UCLG, ILO, IFAD, UNCD and Habitat International Coalition jointly organised at the World Urban Forum a session on city region food systems.

Resilient Cities webinar on city region food systems policy (2013)

In October and November 2013, five webinar sessions built on key themes from Resilient Cities 2013. The webinars continued conversations initiated at the congress and anticipated new directions and innovations in 2014. The webinars were free of charge and featured experts and local government practitioners in the field of urban adaptation and resilience.

Resilient Urban Food Systems Forum (2013)

The ICLEI Resilient Cities Congress 1 June 2013 featured for the first time a special one-day food systems forum for urban stakeholders to come together to discuss and put into action the implementation of resilient food systems within cities around the world and to generate heightened awareness and strengthened political commitment in local governments in order to create resilient urban food systems. The Forum was co-organised by ICLEI, Plantagon, RUAF Foundation, IUFN, WeltHungerHilfe and other organisations.

World Urban Forum IV Nanjing, China (2008)

The RUAF Foundation, together with the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the United Nations, the International Development Research Centre (IDRC), the Urban Harvest programme of the CGIAR institutes, the Chinese Urban Agriculture Association and the Nanjing Agriculture and Forestry Bureau, organised a session called "Urban and peri-urban agriculture for Resilient Cities (Green, Productive and Socially Inclusive)" during the World Urban Forum of UN Habitat from 3 to 7 November 2008 in Nanjing, China. Over 220 people participated in the session (planned for 150 max.). The session was guided by Dr Yves Cabannes (Department of Planning Unit, University College London) and three cases were presented their experiences (National Urban agriculture programme Brazil, City of Kampala, Beijing Agricultural Bureau). Also a booth on the WUF Exhibition was set up and a Tour to urban agriculture sites in and around Nanjing was organized. An introductory booklet and a CD-rom with RUAF, FAO and IDRC publications on urban agriculture were distributed to all participants. The proceedings are available here. 

Gardens of Hope: Urban micro-farming as a complementary strategy for mitigation of the HIV-AIDS pandemic (2005)

RUAF organized in cooperation with the South African NGO Abilimi Bezekhaya and with financial support of the EU-ACP Technical Centre for Agricultural and Rural Cooperation (CTA), the Netherlands a regional workshop and study visit on "Urban micro-farming as a complementary strategy for mitigation of the HIV-AIDS pandemic" which took place in Johannesburg and Cape Town, South Africa, 17-25 August 2005.
The proceedings of the workshop and a video on the study visit are available.

E-conference: Agricultural use of untreated urban wastewater in low income countries (2004)

The electronic conference "Agricultural use of untreated wastewater in low income countries" (24 June - 5 July 2002) was jointly organized by RUAF and the International Water Management Institute, Sri Lanka and attracted 325 participants from 73 countries. 
Topic 1 Strategies to ensure proper management by the farmers of the health and environmental risks associated with the use of untreated wastewater.
Topic 2 Strategies to ensure prevention and reduction of industrial contamination of domestic sewage and rivers that are used for irrigation.

The following documents are available on line: the 2 discussion papers, a number of case studies and the conclusions and recommendations. 

Expert consultation 'Women feeding Cities' (2004)

RUAF Foundation and the Urban Harvest programme of CGIAR (International Agricultural Research Institutes) organised an expert consultation on  "Gender Mainstreaming in Urban Agriculture", 20th -23rd September, 2004 in Accra, Ghana. Fourteen case studies on the role of women in urban agriculture and urban food security and draft guidelines for gender mainstreaming of urban agriculture projects and policies were discussed.
The proceedings of the workshop are available here. The case studies and the guidelines can be found in the publication "Women Feeding Cities

Workshop Urban livestock keeping (2003)

NR International, UK in cooperation with the RUAF Foundation and the Mazingira Institute (Kenya) organized the regional workshop "Urban livestock keeping in sub-Saharan Africa", 3-5 March 2003 in Nairobi, Kenya with financial support of DFID-Livestock programme, UK and CTA, the Netherlands. The proceedings of this workshop are available  

E-conference: Optimising Agricultural Land Use in the City Area (2003)

The Electronic Conference on "Optimising Agricultural Land use in the City Area" (3 - 22 November 2003) was organized jointly by RUAF Foundation and the Urban Management Programme of UNDP-UN Habitat. Over 500 participants from 84 countries participated in the E-conference.

The conference discussed how to improve access to land and land use security for urban producers, the integration of urban agriculture in urban land use planning, the development of adequate land use norms and regulations, multiple land use, etcetera.

In preparation to the conference a number of case studies were developed.

The proceedings of the conference, include summaries of the city cases discussed in the E-conference and the final conclusions and recommendations.

E-conference: Appropriate methods for urban agriculture (2002)

The Electronic conference "Appropriate methods for urban agriculture research, policy development, planning, implementation and evaluation (February 4-16, 2002) was organised by RUAF Foundation in cooperation with the SIUPA and Urban Harvest Programmes of the CGIAR (the International Agriculture Research Centers). Around 350 participants from all over the world participated in and contributed to this conference. The conference resulted in the following final conclusions and recommendations
The sharing and discussions at the conference were organised around the following six thematic discussion papers prepared by international experts: 1: Methodologies for Situation Analysis in Urban Agriculture; 2: Appropriate Methodologies for Developing a Facilitating Policy and Planning Framework in Urban Agriculture; 3: Technical Tools for Urban Land Use Planning; 4: Appropriate methods for technology development in urban agriculture5: Methods for Monitoring and Evaluation and its adaptation to urban and peri-urban agriculture6: Methods for Micro-enterprise Development in Urban Agriculture

Expert consultation on Appropriate Research and Planning Methodologies for Urban Agriculture (2001)

The Expert consultation on Appropriate Research and Planning Methodologies for (Intra- and Peri-) Urban Agriculture was jointly organised by RUAF and the Strategic Initiative on Urban and peri-Urban Agriculture of the CGIAR (international Agricultural Research Centres) and Urban Management Programme in Latin America of UNDP and UN Habitat. The workshop took place from 2-5 October 2001, in Nairobi, Kenya. The proceedings of this workshop

E-conference: Urban agriculture on the policy agenda (2000)

The electronic conference "Urban agriculture on the policy agenda" was jointly organised by RUAF and the Food and Agricultue Organisation of the United Nations (FAO, Rome). More than 700 researchers, planners and practitioners in the field of urban agriculture took part in this e-conference.
In preparation of the conference international experts reviewed literature and practical experiences regarding the following three main topics for sharing and discussion at this conference and prepared thematic discussions papers: 1: Urban agriculture, household food security & nutrition; 2: Urban agriculture, health & environment; 3: Urban agriculture and urban planning