Cities Farming for the Future - Urban Agriculture for Green and Productive Cities

René van Veenhuizen (ed.). RUAF Foundation, IDRC and IIRR Publishing, 2006

This book (nearly 500 pages) presents the progress made in the field of (intra- and peri-) urban agriculture research, policy and development since the ground breaking report UNDP publication "Urban Agriculture" (Smit et al, 1996). In 14 chapters experts provide a "state of the art" of the knowledge and experience gained since the mid nineties of the past century in different types of urban agriculture (horticulture, forestry, livestock,aquaculture) and various key issues for policymaking and planning on urban agriculture (multi-stakeholder involvement and gender issues, integration in urban land use planning and multiple land use, economic aspects and marketing, productive reuse of urban organic wastes and waste water, technology development for urban agriculture and financing urban agriculture. The book is a "must read" for all involved in research, policy development, planning and implementation on urban agriculture.

The publication includes the following parts:

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