RUAF Books and Papers

Food Planning in Garden Cities: The Letchworth Legacy

“Food Planning in Garden Cities” by Yves Cabannes and Philip Ross, is a contribution to the successful integration of food into urban planning. Urban agriculture and City Region Food Systems are fast gaining the attention of planners and policy makers across the globe, because of persistent food insecurity and rapid urbanisation. City governments increasingly recognise both their responsibility and opportunities for building more sustainable urban, and city-region, food systems, which is made evident with the signing of the Milan Urban Food Policy Pact, and the New Urban Agenda.

Rooftop Urban Agriculture

Editors: Orsini, F., Dubbeling, M., de Zeeuw, H., Gianquinto, G.
This book guides architects, landscape designers, urban planners, agronomists and society on the implementation of sustainable rooftop farming projects. The interdisciplinary team of authors involved stresses the different approaches and the multi-faceted forms that rooftop farming may assume in any context. 

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Multifunctional rooftop horticulture: a promising strategy for intensifying horticulture production in cities

The present review will address the main features of rooftop horticulture, providing an interdisciplinary assessment of different approaches for development and the multi-faceted forms that rooftop horticulture may assume in different contexts, bringing together existing experiences as well as suggestions for planning of future sustainable cities.

Good Urban Food Policy Practices from Cities

The Milan Urban Food Policy Pact consists of a series of tangible commitments for sustainable urban food policies. This book collects 49 good practices from signatory cities that already demonstrate their actions, policies and resultsThe book is edited by a broad team of editors that made up the Technical Team supporting the development of the Pact, including staff of the RUAF Foundation.

Cities and Agriculture - Developing Resilient Urban Food Systems

The book provides urban planners, local policy makers and urban development practitioners with an overview of crucial aspects of urban food systems based on an up to date review of research results and practical experiences in both developed and developing countries. By doing so, the international team of authors provides a balanced textbook for students of the growing number of courses on sustainable agriculture, food and urban studies, as well as a solid basis for well-informed policy making, planning and implementation regarding the development of sustainable, resilient and just urban food systems.

Cities, Poverty and Food; Multi-stakeholder Policy and Planning in Urban Agriculture

This book (2011) presents the experiences of the RUAF Foundation in multi-stakeholder policy formulation and action planning for urban agriculture gained in 20 cities of 17 countries participating in the Cities Farming for the Future programme. This book provides valuable insights and guidelines which are essential reading for the staff of municipal authorities, NGO's producer groups, universities, agricultural research and extension organisations and others who seek to enhance participatory governance, urban food security, urban poverty alleviation and improved urban environmental management.

Cities, Food and Agriculture: Challenges and the way forward

The RUAF Working paper 3 (2009) discusses a number of critical challenges cities in developing countries are facing nowadays and subsequently analyses in what ways (intra- and peri-) urban agriculture can contribute to  addressing each of these challenges. The paper was prepared by RUAF on request of the Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) in preparation of the World Food Summit on Food Security (Rome, 2009). 

Key Issues and Courses of Action for Municipal Policy Making on Urban Agriculture

The RUAF working paper 2 (2009) presents the results of an analysis of the various policy measures and strategies applied with success by local governments to facilitate the development of sustainable and safe (intra- and peri-) urban agriculture and therefor represents an important resource for local policy makers and planners that seek to strengthen the city food system.      

Women Feeding Cities - Mainstreaming gender in urban agriculture and food security

This book (2009) analyses the roles of women and men in urban food production and through case studies from three developing regions suggests how women’s contribution might be maximized. In the second part, detailed guidelines and tools show how to bring women into the mainstream of urban agriculture research and development. Providing evidence from around the world as well as field-tested guidelines, Women Feeding Cities is essential reading for both policy makers, planners, researchers and practitioners working on urban agriculture programmes.

Multi-stakeholder Policy Formulation and Action Planning for Sustainable Urban Agriculture Development

The RUAF working paper 1 (2007) presents the lessons learnt in the RUAF "Cities Farming for the Future" Programme (4 years, 17 cities) with multi-stakeholder situations analysis, policy development and action planning regarding (intra- and peri-) urban agriculture. The various steps in the process are discussed as well as critical facilitating and constraining factors and how to manage such factors. Tools developed by the RUAF partners are briefly discussed.  

Cities Farming for the Future - Urban Agriculture for Green and Productive Cities

This book (2006) presents the progress made in the field of (intra- and peri-) urban agriculture research, policy and development since the ground breaking report UNDP publication "Urban Agriculture". In 14 chapters, experts provide a "state of the art" of the knowledge and experience gained since the mid nineties of the past century in different types of urban agriculture (horticulture, forestry, livestock,aquaculture) and various key issues for policymaking and planning on urban agriculture (multi-stakeholder involvement and gender issues, integration in urban land use planning, economic aspects and marketing, productive reuse of urban wastes, technology development for urban agriculture and financing urban agriculture.    

Annotated Bibliography on Urban Agriculture

The annotated bibliography (2002) contains a comprehensive literature overview under 16 subject headings. Each chapter contains a "state of the art" paper on the subject followed by selected literature references with abstracts. The bibliography and the state of the thematic papers were prepared by RUAF Foundation member organization ETC, the Netherlands, in cooperation with TUAN, New York and a large number of experts in other organisations, with financial support of Sida, Sweden and published by RUAF and Sida in 2002. 

Growing Cities Growing Food: Urban Agriculture on the Policy Agenda

The first part of this book contains 7 thematic articles highlighting specific aspects of urban agriculture that were presented at the International Conference on "Growing Cities, Growing Food, Urban Agriculture on the Policy Agenda" (1999) that was organised by DSE, Germany in cooperation with Sida, Sweden and CTA, the Netherlands and with technical support of GTZ and RUAF. The second part of the book includes 16 case studies from cities in Africa, Latin America and Europe that were prepared by local RUAF partners under coordination of RUAF member organization ETC, the Netherlands with funding of GTZ, Germany.