Sustainable Aquaculture Research Networks in Sub-Saharan Africa (SARNISSA)

RUAF Foundation participated in the EU-funded SARNISSA project that implemented analytical reviews of national aquaculture policies and programmes of 10 West African countries in order to understand why aquaculture development remained below expectation, and to identify opportunities for improvement. RUAF partner ETC synthesized the results of the country studies, organized an E-conference with senior officers of fisheries departments, and produced 2 policy papers to facilitate policy uptake.

Duration: 3 years

Funding: European Union

Project partners: University of Sterling (UK, coordination); CIRAD (France); CABI International (UK); World Fish Centre (Egypt); Asian Institute of Technology (Thailand); Bunda College (Malawi); Institute de Recherche Agricole pour le Developpement (IRAD, Cameroon); RUAF Foundation partner ETC (The Netherlands)


The SARNISSA project implemented a comprehensive interdisciplinary data collection and analysis on aquaculture policies and programmes in Sub-Saharan Africa and established research-to-practice networks involving researchers, governmental officers and other stakeholders from Anglophone and Francophone Africa.

The RUAF Foundation contributed by:

  • establishing the Sarnissa project website and facilitating exchange and dialogue between the stakeholders;
  • training project researchers in liaising with local policy makers;
  • coordinating the critical review of actual policies and programmes on aquaculture in 10 countries in Sub Saharan Africa and producing the synthesis report of these country studies 
  • organising an E-conference with senior officers of fisheries departments to obtain feedback on the project results;
  • producing 2 policy papers to facilitate policy uptake.

Results obtained:

  • Strengthened alliances among experienced and emergent players in the African and wider aquaculture scene.
  • A set of country studies and a synthesis project report on aquaculture in Sub Saharan Africa.
  • An expanded knowledge resource base and exchange platform:  ‘the Aquaculture Compendium’ as a specialised repository and tool for tailor-made knowledge-sharing and development.
  • Substantial knowledge on the project’s results and recommendations among senior policy officers and decision makers.


Two Policy Briefs on Aquaculture in Sub Saharan Africa are available:

The synthesis report and country reports on the review of the actual aquaculture policies and programmes are available below: