Strengthening organisations of urban producers

The research project "Strengthening Organizations of Urban Producers" complemented a similar project led by the UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO, Italy). The project was implemented by RUAF partners IPES and ETC and studied the roles and functioning of organisations of urban farmers in the Netherlands, Hungary, Peru, Argentina, Brazil and Uruguay and identified effective ways to strengthen such organisations. 

Duration: 1 year
Funding: International Development Research Centre (IDRC, Canada)

Project partners: RUAF Foundation partners IPES (Peru, coordination) and ETC (the Netherlands); Bond van Volkstuinders (The Netherlands); Duinboeren (The Netherlands); Biokultura Association (Hungary); Red de Huerteros/as Feriantes, Rosario (Argentina); Associação dos Pequenos Produtores das Agroindústrias do Distrito Federal (ASPROVE), Brasilia-DF (Brasil); Asociaciones de Agricultores Urbanos del Distrito de Villa El Salvador, Lima (Peru); Asociación de Productores Orgánicos del Uruguay (APODU); Montevideo (Uruguay)


  • Development of methodological guidelines and organisation of  training workshops
  • Description and characterisation of 8 organisations of urban producers in Latin America and Europe and analysis of their forms of (social) organisation, their management and the strategies they apply for strengthening partnerships and influencing policies at the local and/or national level
  • Participatory elaboration of 5 local agendas and one international agenda for action-oriented research that identify objectives and activities needed to further strengthen the organisations of intra- and peri-urban producers in Latin America. Organisation of an interregional exchange visit to the Netherlands  by Latin American and Eastern Europe urban producers.
  • Organisation of one electronic conference to share and further discuss findings of the different case studies and local action-research agendas.
  • Development of a final project report and video and their dissemination.

Results obtained:

  • A methodological guideline and framework for the characterisation and analysis of urban producer organisations.
  • Strengthened capacities of producer organisations and local researchers for analysis of organisational structures, functioning and policy lobbying strategies
  • Effective strategies have been identified for the strengthening of urban producer organisations.
  • The functioning of the participating urban producer organisations has been improved (e.g., by developing a strategic development plan; reinforcement of linkages with other stakeholders; increased attention for urban agriculture by local policymakers).
  • One International agenda and 5 local agendas for Action-Oriented Research on urban producer organisations.
  • Eight case studies on urban producer organisations in Latin America and Europe, a synthesis document comparing and analysing the case studies, and a video/DVD on the project have been distributed widely. 

The results of the study were published in the Urban Agriculture Magazine No 17 and the FAO publication "The Urban Producers Resource Book" 

As part of this project 8 case studies on urban and peri-urban producer organisations were developed:

Results of these studies were synthesised in an inter regional action-research agenda for strengthening urban and peri-urban producer organisation:

​​The following video was produced in collaboration with FAO