Impact of the Syrian Crisis on Urban Food Markets in Mafraq Governorate, Northern Jordan

This project that runs from November 2016 till March 2017, examines the consequences of humanitarian interventions on urban food markets and supply chains, including the effects on local farmers, food retailers, town markets and local agricultural suppliers. In particularly the study will focus on the impact of the Syrian refugee crisis on urban food markets in Mafraq Governorate in northern Jordan. The aim of the research project is to contribute towards the development of a city-region food system that brings resilience to local food systems through the integration of local food markets with the humanitarian response in Mafraq Governorate. The research project will include the following objectives:

  • Application of rapid food mapping and value chain analysis of urban food markets in Mafraq Governorate;
  • Facilitation of a multi-actor platform for learning and action planning;
  • Preparation and delivery of policy recommendations addressing urban-regional resilience through the integration of local food systems with the ongoing humanitarian interventions.

Duration: November 2016 – March 2017
Funding: IIED, Urban Crisis Learning Fund
Project partners: Coventry University (CAWR) (lead), RUAF and University of Al Bayt, Mafraq. With National Centre for Agricultural Research and Extension, Ministry of Agriculture, FAO, and others.

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