FLEdGE: Food Locally Embedded, Globally Engaged Partnership

FLEdGE is a five-year research and knowledge mobilisation project based at Wilfrid Laurier University’s Centre for Sustainable Food Systems. The FLEdGE project is supported by the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada. FLEdGE is committed to fostering food systems that are socially just, ecologically regenerative, economically localised and that engage citizens.

The FLEdGE partnership includes seven Canadian research nodes, one in each of the Northwest Territories, Alberta/ British Columbia, northern Ontario, southern Ontario, eastern Ontario, Quebec and Atlantic Canada. There are also three Working Groups: one on Agro-ecology, a second on Innovative Governance and the third on CityRegion Food Systems-Metrics (CRFS-Metrics). The latter has been meeting by conference call since the fall of 2015 and includes experts from RUAF, the RUAF partner organisations Economia e Sostenibilità (EStà) and the Toronto Food Policy Council/Toronto Public Health; the Sustainable Places Research Institute at Cardiff University; and the joint United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization and RUAF City Region Food System Project. RUAF also plays a role in international networking in the project.

See further: https://fledgeresearch.ca/