Practices of Urban Agroecology in the Municipality of São Paulo: Income generation and community activism

Gustavo Nagib and Angélica Campos Nakamura

In: Urban Agriculture Magazine no 33 - Urban Agroecology, p.65-67 (2017)

This article considers two practices of urban agriculture related to agroecology in São Paulo: the first is related to income generation and the second derives from community activism. The first practice is present in the far southern region of the municipality of São Paulo, which is made up of the districts of Parelheiros and Marsilac, where many family farmers live. While income-generating urban agriculture is not new to the paulistano urban space as such, its productive and political dimensions are. The second practice, the community garden, is to be found in different areas of the municipality. ‘Hortelões Urbanos’ (Urban Gardeners) is the founding network and voice of the activist movement in public spaces in Sao Paulo.

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