Opinion - Youth, Employment and Migration: Urban opportunities, with a focus on Africa

Ton Dietz

In: Urban Agriculture Magazine no 35 - Youth in Food: Opportunities for education and employment, p.3-4 (2018)

Demographically, Africa has become the big exception. On a continental scale, Asia, Oceania and Latin America – like Europe, and North America before it – reached demographic stability between 2000 and 2015. Average fertility rates on these continents plunged from more than five or six children per woman in the 1960s to an average of around two in recent years, and in Europe considerably lower still. Africa as well is experiencing a process of demographic transition, yet there are differences: Africa began at a higher level (more than seven children per woman in the
1960s and 1970s), and the pace of transition is much slower than, for instance, in Asia. Currently the fertility rates for Africa as a whole are still beyond four children per woman, and UN demographers expect that Africa will not reach demographic stability until around 2100.



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