Winter 2017: online courses on Urban Food and Urban Agriculture Policy-Making

For the winter term at Ryerson University, the following online elective courses will be offered online as part of the Certificate in Food Security:

The Urban agriculture course has been developed as part of the elective offerings in partnership between Ryerson University and RUAF.

For more information on how to register for the courses offered as part of the post-degree Certificate in Food Security starting January 16, 2017, contact Reg Noble (Academic Coordinator) at food [at] ryerson [dot] ca. Registration is open until January 20, 2017.

The certificate explores the challenges of creating sustainable food systems based on social justice and democratic decision-making that will ensure the right of dignified access to healthy food. The program’s perspective on food security is local and global covering both rural and urban situations. Participants will learn how to strengthen the sustainability of city food systems through the development of innovative urban agriculture policy and practices. They will also learn the challenges facing rural farming communities worldwide and explore the possibilities for supporting farming livelihoods and rebuilding local food systems for the public good. An essential part of the certificate is also building student’s understanding of how the food policy environment determines food security outcomes and the necessity for collaborative, inclusive, transparent and accountable approaches to food policy planning and implementation.

Students can take a series of four urban agriculture courses separate from the Certificate in Food Security if they wish and receive an official university award of completion.