Urban Food Agenda - A perspective from the City of Toronto

FAO recently organised a seminar on Food Systems Transformation, Climate Change Action, and Health on 15th October 2019.

The seminar held by Ms. Barbara Emanuel, Manager of the Toronto Food Strategy and RUAF partner, presents a case-study from the city of Toronto, which leveraged on climate change action and a food systems approach to improving life of its communities. It is an opportunity to understand how food systems are able to fight climate crises, fostering sustainable cities with inclusive urban policies that promote safe nutriment and new food procurement strategies: from food loss and waste reduction to influencing public’s dietary behavior.

FAO has recently launched the “FAO Framework for the Urban Food Agenda”, which encourages local and national governments to adopt a food systems approach in their public policies, in order to face environmental crises and achieve the Sustainable Development Goals also at a local level.

Find here the link to the video recording of the seminar: https://youtu.be/yZPgf8n4Tuo