RUAFs Annual Report (2016-2017) and plans for the future

RUAF will embark on the elaboration of a new strategic plan for the period 2018-2023. This strategy will address new challenges for the future, including rapid rural urban transformation, an increased focus on small and medium-sized towns, efforts to enhance the climate resilience of urban food systems, implementation of the New Urban Agenda and localisation of the SDGs.

The next two years will be critical in building a strong architecture to implement all global commitments on urban sustainability and food security. This will require RUAF to continue to support cities and other stakeholders with research, knowledge production, technical and policy support. The launching of the ICLEI-RUAF CITYFOOD Network in 2017 is one strategy that will be employed to continue to provide these important services.

You can read about our highlights of the past two years in the Annual Report (2016-2017).

Our actions have focused on:

  • leveraging change and support at the international level
  • building political will and capacities to act at local and sub-national level
  • planning and facilitating of local action
  • building an evidence base to underpin policies and action
  • influencing the debate and thinking on new and emerging topics