Responsible Food Consumers

Ekomer is civil society movement working in three city regions in Ecuador: Riobamba, Quito and Otavalo to improve consumption of local sustainable food. The members include production cooperatives, distributors and their networks, restaurateurs, radio announcers and government institutions that promote indigenous foodways and products. Indicators are designed to represent what the people feel is important to their relationships and be actionable.

The following five indicators are used to encourage and measure households to become more responsible and create consumer awareness: eat locally produced food; buy directly from a farmer; decrease sugar and salt consumption by 50% in one month; grow some food; and, provide information about responsible consumption to others (Cole 2016).

With a target of reaching 250,000 families (representing 5% of the population) this project is both a data gathering initiative and a platform for change.

Image: A traffic light label from a sweetened drink in Ecuador. It is high in sugar (red), medium in fat (yellow), and low in salt (green) (photo by D. Cole).