New food policy should include voices of cities: Dutch cities take the lead

Cities have an important role to play in the food system. A majority of the population lives in cities. Food production, processing, retail and marketing is still one of the larger employment generating sectors in both rural and urban areas. Food links directly with other urban sectors such as transport and health. Cities also impact a much larger area because of their food-print. If cities want to play a role in sustainable development they need to include food in their policies and strategies. There are already many cities working on an integral food policies and agendas that link welfare, economy, sustainability and a healthy living environment. For any national food strategy to be successful, cities need to be engaged as a partner.

Today a Dutch food coalition signed a City Deal ‘Food on the Urban Agenda’. 12 counselors and Mayors, the deputy of the Province of Gelderland and 3 Ministers will start collaborating to build together an integrated food strategy for the Netherlands. Please read here the official press announcement or watch this short video (both in Dutch). Or read more here.