Call for papers: II International Conference Agriculture and Food in an Urbanizing Society

The call for submitting papers to be presented at the III International Conference Agriculture and Food in an Urbanizing Society is open until June 30th!

Researchers, activists, policymakers, public and private actors are invited to discuss and share their work research results. The submission happens by an abstract of 3000 characters. The central theme is “Healthy food, socio-biodiversity and sustainable agri-food systems: innovations from consumption to production”. Papers can address a wide variety of themes that are organized in 21 thematic Working Groups, see the list of WG down below and View the full call at:

21 Working Groups

  1. Sustainable Food Systems: approaches, policies and practices
  2. Institutional food procurement and school feeding programmes: exploring the benefits, challenges and opportunities
  3. Livestock production systems, changes in markets and meat consumption patterns in an urbanizing society
  4. Transitioning to sustainable city region food systems
  5. Food supply policies
  6. Feeding The City: Urban/Peri-Urban Agriculture And Food Pedagogy
  7. Gastronomy and Ruralities in urbanized societies: connections between chefs, farmers, consumers and unique ingredients
  8. Connections between urban agriculture, agroecology, right to food, and the right to the city
  9. Territorial perspectives on Rural-Urban food system (re)configurations
  10. Qualification processes of products in agrifood systems: concepts, disputes and values in debate
  11. Socio-biodiversity products chains and traditional food networks: understanding their role in food and nutrition security and sustainable development
  12. Governance and Social Innovation: experiences and advances for sustainability in agrifood systems
  13. Production, markets and consumption food networks and chains
  14. Gender and food practices
  15. Agrobiodiversity and the strength of traditional agricultural systems
  16. Eating and food sovereignty
  17. Food surplus recovery and redistribution for social and environmental sustainability of food systems
  18. Food care and social farming
  19. New Food Business Models
  20. The University in society promoting food systems congruent with sovereignty and Food and Nutrition Security
  21. Nutrition, food environments and sustainable food systems

The Conference will be held from September 17-21, at UFRGS (Porto Alegre, Brazil), promoted by the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul - UFRGS, a centennial institution recognized as one of the most qualified educational centers in Brazil.

Having the contribution of FAO - Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations as a strategic partner of the organization, the Conference will bring together over 170 experts from 36 countries during five days, in an intensive program that includes panels of international scope, symposia, presentation of scientific papers in thematic working groups, experiences reports from civil society, field trips and activities cultural activities.

Those interested in participating should register on the website: