A new collaboration to strengthen resilient urban food systems

As of May 1, 2019, Hivos is the host of the Secretariat of the Global Partnership on Sustainable Urban Agriculture and Food Systems, RUAF. Hivos will join the RUAF Global Partnership, host its Secretariat, and take over part of the portfolio and staff of the Dutch-based RUAF Foundation. Having the RUAF Secretariat on board reiterates Hivos’ strong commitment to promote sustainable food for all and develop closer collaboration with cities in its programs.

Urban Food Futures' new article: Food processing: the missing link in sustainable food systems

Processing facilities are a missing link between local food and new markets, however, they face a double challenge: that of matching local production, high fixed operating costs and demand for local products. When thinking about opening new processing facilities for local food, it is necessary to carry out a full value chain assessment first.

The Urbal project

There is a website link of the Urbal project (Urban-driven Innovations for Sustainable Food Systems) available. The aim of Urbal is to build a methodology to help urban innovators, urban policy makers and funders to map the impact pathways of urban food innovations on all food system sustainability dimensions.