Linking Urban Farming and Urban Planning in Times of Crisis

Bernardina Borra, René van Veenhuizen, Miranda Schut, Andrew-Adam Bradford

In: Urban Agriculture Magazine no 31 - Inclusive Use of Urban Space, p.38-40 (2016)

RUAF has been working on the role of urban agriculture in post-disaster and emergency settings for a number of years (see for example UA Magazine 21). In 2015 RUAF began a collaboration with The Spontaneous City International (SPcitI) on this subject, in the context of the Syrian Refugee crisis, with a geographical focus on the region of Mafraq in Northern Jordan, where an inventory on the role of food and agriculture has been commissioned by the International Cooperation Agency of the Association of Dutch Municipalities (VNGI). Since then, RUAF and SPcitI have been building partnerships through linkages between urban agriculture and urban planning, with a focus on cities in the global south.

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