Linking Rural and Urban Areas through Agricultural and Urban Waste Recycling

Francesca Gianfelici, Louison Lançon and and Camelia Bucatariu

In: Urban Agriculture Magazine no 32 - Urban Food-Waste-Energy Nexus and the Private Sector, p.47-48 (2017)

The Linköping Waste-to-Energy (WTE) plant transforms organic waste from agriculture and slaughterhouses around Linköping, Sweden into biogas for fuelling the city’s public transport system and to reduce emissions and pollution from the urban transport system. One of the key aims of the Linköping municipality is to develop an integrated system to turn waste into biogas. The waste-toenergy project contributes to coordinating efforts at the city region level in combining waste management activities, sustainable agriculture development, and the decrease of CO2 emissions. WTE contributes to Sweden’s national strategy of overall reduction of food waste.

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