Green Belt Project: Promoting agroecological food production in peri-urban Rosario

Andrea Battiston, Graciela Porzio, Natalia Budai, Nahuel Martínez, Yanina Pérez, Casella, Raúl Terrile, Mariano Costa, Agustin Mariatti, Nicolás Paz

In: Urban Agriculture Magazine no 33 - Urban Agroecology, p.52-54 (2017)

The Green Belt Project Rosario (PCVR, Proyecto Cinturón Verde Rosario) seeks the conversion of productive peri-urban areas in Rosario to agroecological systems. The general aim is to achieve production of healthy food (meaning without contaminants) and improvement of the socio-economic conditions of producers, their families and farm workers. It also aims to contribute to the health of consumers and the environment, as well as revitalise short food supply chains that target differentiated markets.

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