Get involved

You can help the RUAF Foundation to realise its goals in many ways:

  • Share your experiences: When you are involved in local or national initiatives regarding intra- or peri-urban agriculture and city-region food strategies, please share the wealth of your experience by writing an article for Urban Agriculture Magazine (the address of the editor is f [dot] hoekstra [at] ruaf [dot] org (here)), and/or join in on one of the e-conferences or webinars that are regularly organised by RUAF. As sharing experiences is of great importance for the development of sustainable urban food systems in the RUAF partner cities, do not hesitate to contact us.
  • Inform us about upcoming workshops, conferences, webinars and other relevant meetings, new publications, interesting projects that are initiated, and we will distribute this information through our website (see the News and Events and other sections of this website) and/or the Urban Agriculture Magazine.
  • Become a volunteer with RUAF: The RUAF staff highly appreciates the support they receive from volunteers. Especially in the international secretariat in Amersfoort (The Netherlands), we can use help in tasks such as fund raising, collecting relevant research data and project experiences, maintaining the RUAF website, and more. We invite you to contact the RUAF Secretariat if you are interested. Please take into account that we do not provide any salary or assistance in obtaining residence- and work- permits or housing.
  • Contribute financially: The RUAF Foundation is a not-for-profit organisation and does not have any core funding, which means that the implementation of our programmes and projects and the provision of our services depends on: a) project-by-project financing by local, national and international organisations and b) funds received from the individuals and organisations wishing to support the work of RUAF with donations or institutional subsidies. If you would like to support our work financially, please use the donate button or contact the RUAF secretariat to discuss how your funds could be used for specific activities. General donations will help us to cover the costs of maintaining our global information services (e.g., the Urban Agriculture Magazine, the website with on line bibliographic database and  distance learning courses, publication of books and guidelines) and keep them freely accessible to people all over the world. Please note that Dutch donations can be deducted from tax payments as RUAF has an ANBI status.
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