FOODMETRES – Metropolitan food planning connecting the local with the global

Wascher, D.M., Piorr, A., Pintar, M., Kneafsey, M., Sali, G., Corsi, S. L., Mbatia, T., Jeurissen, L., Arciniegas, G., Glavan, M., Doernberg, A., Zasada, I., Groot, J., Schmutz, U., Bos, E., Venn, L., Monaco, F., Simiyu, R., Owour, S., van Asselt, E., van der Fels, I., van Eupen, M.

In: Urban Agriculture Magazine no 29 - City Region Food Systems, p.41-44 (2015)

FOODMETRES aims to describe, analyse and facilitate the development of short food supply chain (SFSC) innovations in metropolitan regions, including their rural, urban and periurban areas. The research carried out in this project covers questions of food production, processing and logistics; its focus is sustainable and resource-efficient solutions which are socially and ecologically embedded. Prior to entering into dialogue with relevant stakeholders from farming, food processing, fresh chain management, retailing, consumption, planning and governance, FOODMETRES gained the necessary technical and institutional insights by studying six metropolitan regions in Europe and Africa, as described in the following article by Pintar et al. (page 45).

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