Exploring Urban Agroecology as a Framework for Transitions to Sustainable and Equitable Regional Food Systems

Henk Renting

In: Urban Agriculture Magazine no 33 - Urban Agroecology, p.11-12 (2017)

Social and political context in which urban agroecology emerges. Urban agroecology has in the last year appeared as a topic in debates on the future of sustainable agriculture and food systems. Two parallel developments create the background to this newly emerging area. Firstly, there is growing attention on the urban dimensions of food system challenges and on the potential role of cities in promoting a transition towards more sustainable and equitable food systems. This is illustrated by over 150 cities joining the Milan Urban Food Policy Pact to both publically state and claim their role in strengthening urban and regional food systems. The New Urban Agenda, adopted at the Habitat3 conference in Quito, puts ample attention on urban food security challenges and the need to reinforce urban-rural linkages; and most of all, through bottom-up development of urban food strategies by local city governments and citizens across the globe.

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