Edible Landscape: Food and services from common-land use in the Vigo city region

Lola Domínguez García, Xavier Simón Fernández and Paul Swagemakers

In: Urban Agriculture Magazine no 29 - City Region Food Systems, p.54-56 (2015)

Urban and periurban green areas are increasingly understood as landscapes that can be used, consumed, and enjoyed, and which, for those reasons, must also be protected. In the city region of Vigo (Galicia, Spain), green areas and buildings alternate, blurring the differences between the urban and rural. Around 30 % of the land in the area is a common-pool resource, which requires specific property arrangements, decision-making processes, and management. In some cases the Commons are a good example of long-term vision and sustainable development. Here we present the case of the
Association of Commons of Vincios, one of the SMEs of the SUPURBFOOD project.

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