URBAN GReen Education for ENTeRprising Agricultural Innovation (Urban Green Train)

Duration  3 years (2014-2017)

Funding  European Union ErasmusPlus programme

Project partners

  • University of Bologna, RUAF Foundation, Horticity, Agreenium, Vegepolys, SWUAS, Hei-tro, STePS, Mammut film and Grow the Planet.


Results expected and completed

  • A database on innovative UA businesses in Europe is set up and accessible on-line.
  • Different training models on UA entrepreneurship will be developed and made available in 4 different European languages
  • A training course on UA entrepreneurship will be designed and included in European University and Higher Education Institutes curricula
  • The document New Urban Agriculture initiatives towards a mindset change shares the results of a comparative analysis of 27 international case studies, the current educational offer on urban agriculture entrepreneurship as well as the results of a survey on training needs of future entrepreneurs in Italy, France, Germany and the Netherlands.
  • Video tutorials on UA enterprises including Rotterzwam (NL), Uit Je Eigen Stad (NL), Le Jardin de l'Avenir (FR) and Eta Beta (IT).
  • 26 in-depth case studies of urban agriculture SMEs are online in the Inventory of UA Enterprises
  • Educational resources related to urban agriculture entrepreneurship are available online in the Inventory of UA Educational Offer
  • Newsletters are uploaded in the news section of the website.

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