RUAF Global Partnership


“The Quito-RUAF Foundation alliance has inspired our city to advance in issues related to urban food. Supported by the RUAF Foundation, the Municipality of the Metropolitan District of Quito joined the Milan Urban Food Policy Pact in 2015, and became one of the 8 cities throughout the world that tested and implemented a methodology for city region food system assessment. Currently, Quito is working on an urban food policy with the technical assistance of RUAF, who constitutes a key ally for the strengthening of our initiative given its vast experience and record on the matter.
RUAF has contributed to sharing Quito´s 15 year old urban agriculture experience and making it visible on an international platform, while simultaneously allowing the city to join important global alliances regarding sustainable food systems.  We believe that the Quito-RUAF alliance has shown and made evident our serious commitment to build an urban food policy that contributes towards making Quito a sustainable and healthy city” Mauricio Rodas, Mayor, Municipality of the Metropolitan District of Quito

RUAF is a global partnership on sustainable Urban Agriculture and Food Systems. The RUAF partners strengthen each other in joint and collaborative strategy development, research, benchmarking and upscaling, representation and networking, dissemination and awareness raising, and in implementation. The partners have specific interest to learn from past experiences in joint impact analysis.

In the coming year, the RUAF Global Partnership aims to further consolidate itself and where needed, expand, inviting selected other members to ensure coverage of fields of expertise, activities, opportunities and regions (Find out where we work). This will be reflected in the RUAF Strategic Plan 2017-2020.

The current members of the RUAF Partnership are a mix of municipalities, research institutes, and NGO’s and include:

International Water Management Institute (IWMI) (Colombo, Sri Lanka)






Institute of Geographical Sciences and Natural Resources Research of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS/IGSNRR) (Beijing, China)

The Centre for Sustainable Food Systems, Wilfrid Laurier University (Canada)

City of Ghent (Belgium)


Toronto Food Policy Council (Canada)

  • Contact: Barbara Emanuel. E-mail: Barbara [dot] Emanuel [at] toronto [dot] ca
  • Expertise: Municipal Food Policy
  • Website:

CONQUITO Economic Promotion Agency of the Municipality of Quito (Ecuador)

  • Contact: Alexandra Rodriguez. E-mail: arodriguez [at] conquito [dot] org [dot] ec
  • Expertise: Promote and develop strategic projects (including urban agriculture) focused on increasing productivity and job opportunities.
  • Website:

Economia e Sostenibilita (ESTA) (Milan, Italy)

Mazingira Institute (Nairobi, Kenya)


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