The Problem of Access to land in Divo

Paola Iaccarino Idelson

In: UA Magazine No. 11 - Availability, Access and Usability of Land for Urban Agriculture

The issue of access to land, for urban agriculture in particular, involves multiple spheres of the public and private domains: political, legal, and socio-economic. Easy access to land means access to food, while limited access often leads to food insecurity, and to a strong sense of anxiety for the future. This article is based on a descriptive study that analysed the different categories of people in the town of Divo, Côte d'Ivoire. It focuses on the differences between locals and migrants, and points out the consequences that access to land has on their lives. It argues that the conditions constraining migrants and the formal recognition of Divo's urban agriculture and its potential, is crucial in a policy framework.